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Barry Creasy has 35 years’ experience in collecting data (through surveys, face-to-face interviews and focus groups), and organising and facilitating meetings, seminars and focus groups; he is a course-provider for The Consultation Institute, with whom he has published four books: Effective Public Meetings, Effective Focus Groups, and Effective Surveys and Questionnaires and A Decade of Dialogue.

He offers a package of consultancy services that will help you gain a greater insight into your organisation and its activities.

These services include:

For all types of organisation

  • Providing advice on consultation techniques (focus groups, public meetings, interviews, etc.) either within your organisation, or with the general public
  • Providing advice on data-collection methodologies (e.g. hard-copy or e-based surveys)
  • Running a consultation exercise (with staff, the general public, or with other stakeholders)
  • Providing peer-review/evaluation/compliance of existing consultation exercises
  • Organising and facilitating public meetings and focus groups
  • Constructing questionnaires and providing data analysis
  • Evaluating services and initiatives
  • Writing and conducting research interviews
  • Writing reports and summaries of findings

For arts and education organisations

  • Cultural analysis – identifying aims, objectives, strengths and weaknesses of cultural and arts organisations
  • Providing complete evaluation strategies for arts and education activities
  • Undertaking evaluation of events or strategies

Prices and contact

Rates vary depending on the service required. To obtain a quote, or to obtain more details of his work, email Barry .

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